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Meet our new team members

The past couple of months have been a wild ride here at Point Blank. Our mission to use storytelling to empower changemakers across the country has grown and developed; and with it, our Point Blank family. You’re about to see … Continued

A new face here at Point Blank

We’re only six weeks into 2016, but here at Point Blank we’ve got some exciting news to share: Michael Roy has joined our team as our new Digital Director. Before joining Point Blank, Michael served as the first National Digital … Continued

Haley Wollens for Blood Orange

*Post by Bonnie Directed by: Haley Wollens Produced by: Maya Rose & Jude Mc DP & Editor: Jude Mc Animation: Andreas ‘Nout’ Schmidt Music by: Blood Orange SO BAD ITS GOOD! HW Creative and Blood Orange make an uncanny attempt … Continued

“Press Here For Drama”

*Post by Nate Hello blogospere. I’ve been a giant blog slacker in recent months because we’ve been busy as balls (Brazil, NYC, Toronto) and Bonnie’s trendy, art-house posts are way better than anything I could come up with. This video … Continued

Why Music Matters

*Post by John Oman Studio: Oh Yeah Wow Why Music Matters Eskimo Joe Director: Darcy Prendergast Darcy Prendergast is an off beat guy by many metrics, none of which matter. Darcy is an Melbourne based animator who was first known … Continued

YouTube against youth knife crime

*Post by Jordan In the social media world where user interaction is king, the London Metropolitan Police launched a pretty cool YouTube campaign in 2010. The Drop The Weapons PSA included this choose-your-own-adventure style video that puts the viewer in … Continued

eyes wide open

*Post by Graeme Campbell So, this Gotye fellow is apparently someone that people have heard of. I wouldn’t know. I don’t listen to music. Typically. But I was recently introduced to his music by my much hipper girlfriend, and I … Continued

le meurtre

*Post by John Oman Tom Haugomat and Bruno Mangyoku are a pair of Parisian animators whom have really made waves over the last few years. I was first introduced to their work at the 2010 Ottawa International Film Festival and … Continued

The Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Film School

*Post by Jordan Production value is often seen as the hallmark of professional filmmaking. Be it shorts, feature length or advertising spots, it’s generally assumed that money equals production value. The Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Film School series exposes this … Continued

Doctor Seuss at Burning Man

*Post by Andrew Everyone loves Doctor Seuss. Even if you aren’t a huge fan you more than likely have a passing affection for something he’s written. One of his lesser known works was his final book, called Oh the Places … Continued

The Maccabees – Pelican

*Post by John Director: David Wilson
 Producer: Tamsin Glasson Music by The Maccabees Full credits here Thanks to some lateral thinking, this video is awesome. This is a project that could have been done entirely in CG, but instead 90% … Continued

light recorded in slow-motion

* Post by Jordan MIT researchers have hit the motherload, in terms of light capturing camera technology that is. Researchers from MIT Media Lab have created a camera, or rather system of cameras, that capture images at one trillion frames … Continued

Making Mister Forgettable – Part 1

*Post by Andrew DeVilliers Part 1 – Preproduction This is my first post on the Point Blank Creative Video Blog and I thought it might be fitting to get started writing about the experience of making Mister Forgettable. I co-produced, … Continued


PUPPETS – Daniels from F5 on Vimeo. *Post by Nathan Put out by one of my favourite director duos, The Daniels, I’ve been meaning to post this for months. I dedicate this post to anyone who has ever felt like … Continued