A new face here at Point Blank

We’re only six weeks into 2016, but here at Point Blank we’ve got some exciting news to share:

Michael Roy has joined our team as our new Digital Director.

Point Blank's new Digital Director, Michael Roy
Meet Point Blank’s new Digital Director, Michael Roy

Before joining Point Blank, Michael served as the first National Digital Director at Canada’s NDP in Ottawa. There he led a team that set national fundraising records, mobilized 65,000 people to NDP events, and recruited over 13,000 grassroots volunteers online. They recently received a 2016 Reed Award for their ad highlighting Stephen Harper’s record of scandal.

Michael also served as Director of Communications for the BCNDP, where he oversaw award-winning ad campaigns, developed communications strategies for breakthrough by-elections and modernized the party’s communications tactics. Michael has worked on election campaigns and referenda at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

We’ve worked with Michael on a number of projects over the years, and we’re thrilled he’s a now a full-time member of the team.

Michael will be working with clients providing training, support, and strategic advice on digital strategy, and he’ll be working as part of our creative team to write and develop ad and video content to support or growing client roster.

Welcome to the Point Blank team!

Nathan Lusignan is a Principal at Point Blank Creative.