eyes wide open

*Post by Graeme Campbell

So, this Gotye fellow is apparently someone that people have heard of. I wouldn’t know. I don’t listen to music. Typically. But I was recently introduced to his music by my much hipper girlfriend, and I have to admit, I was quickly won over by his smooth, yacht rock stylings. If Daryl Hall and John Oates had ever successfully managed to breed and that baby was raised by Phil Collins before being unleashed on the zany, Mad Max wasteland that is today’s music scene, it might sound a little like Gotye. But I digress…

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Gotye has a stable of pretty snazzy videos to boot. His most popular seems to be Somebody That I Used To Know, and deservedly so. It is very cool. Personally, I have always been a fan of stop motion animation (occasionally dabbling myself), so I especially enjoy “Eyes Wide Open”, produced by Australian based PictureDRIFT. The time-lapse skyscape in the background mixes with the CG animation brilliantly. It’s a pretty perfect music video mix; just cool, creative, entertaining and weird enough to hold my attention.