Meet our new team members

The past couple of months have been a wild ride here at Point Blank. Our mission to use storytelling to empower changemakers across the country has grown and developed; and with it, our Point Blank family.

You’re about to see new, inspiring content and campaigns arrive from a few fresh faces on the team. And we’re very excited to introduce you to our new members.



Ashley Arden

Ash is our organizing campaign strategist and face-to-face engagement specialist. Ash was most recently a strategic communications consultant with Hoggan & Associates and previously spent 6 years with the David Suzuki Foundation. Ash spent a term as a teaching fellow at Harvard with Marshall Ganz — the legendary organizer and brilliant mind behind President Obama’s winning campaigns. She brought this storytelling and organizing model to Canada in 2013 with Marshall’s team. Through coaching and training, she has since supported social change organizations to empower their members to achieve their goals.



Soledad Vega

Soledad is a writer and producer for Point Blank Creative. With a degree in Sociology and a Journalism diploma, Soledad has worked as a freelance journalist, a film producer and a communications specialist both in Latin America and in North America. Most recently a community engagement specialist at OpenMedia, she describes herself as an eternal optimist with a penchant for storytelling and a passion for affecting change. Self-proclaimed cinephile and jazz enthusiast, she also cites traveling as an integral part of her life.



Alvin Singh

Alvin is a communications and strategy expert that has worked at all three levels of government as well as for non-profit and for-profit ventures. He has a strong background in public policy, community organizing, and the use of strategic communications and new media. He most recently served as the National Communications manager for the David Suzuki Foundation where he was responsible for directing the brand and story for the Blue Dot Tour, David’s Suzuki’s final national speaking tour. His past work has included leading a winning public campaign that resulted in a $1.5 billion commitment to upgrade public schools in British Columbia.


I have no doubt their diverse set of skills and expertise will take our work to the next level.

We welcome our new team members with open arms, and hope together we can continue working to create impactful content that brings about social change, one story at a time.



  • trevormarr

    I have a GREAT idea! Let’s base all of Canada’s Policy on REALITY, rather than Failed Agenda!

  • trevormarr

    If CO2 is the Demon, why does Trudeau not reduce Gov’t and hold all international meetings via Skype? Ha ha… no because the Climate Issue is a scam! Taxation and control are the goal! Canada is BIG, sparse and COLD!!! We have 40% of the World’s oil, used by everyone, Everywhere, for EVERYTHING!!! We need MORE new/certified, controlled, known design-life pipelines, not less! We need MORE Canadian oil in Canada and the World needs more Canada! We need Canadian and World Market Access!!! We need ALL forms of energy, simply continue to optimize each and carry Canada FORWARDS. We need a Gov’t that Stands up for Canada!! We will NEVER get to the Jetsons, by restricting us to the capability of the Flintstones!!!