Our Creative Evening with Gregor Robertson, Patti Bacchus, and Andrea Reimer in Photos

Vision Event Invite

If you lived in Vancouver ten years ago, you probably remember it being a very different place. Hardly any public festivals, no food carts other than hot dog stands, and events like TED Global were difficult to even imagine.

Last week, we celebrated the progress that Vancouver has made over the last 10 years by holding the biggest event yet at our creative coworking space, 505 Hamilton, in Vancouver. With special guests Mayor Gregor Robertson, Councillor Andrea Reimer, and Vancouver School Board Chair Patti Bacchus joining over 60 filmmakers, designers, animators, and all sorts of creatives and engaged citizens.

Mayor Gregor Robertson gives a speech at 505 Hamilton.

Mayor Robertson kicked things off with a speech celebrating how far Vancouver has come.

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Andrea Reimer, and Patti Bacchus hold a Q&A at 505 Hamilton.

A Q&A session followed, with questions about the creative industries and liveability in Vancouver in general.

Speeches were made, an in-depth Q&A session helped guests better understand the city and their role within it, and above all great conversations were had by all. That’s not to mention the incredible, interactive dry-erase mural of Vancouver (photos below) by our own animator extraordinaire Sam Bond on what we’re willing to argue is the longest whiteboard in the city at 54 feet. The mural featured some of what we wanted to celebrate about the last 10 years: a tech and vfx boom, many more free public festivals, an uptake in community gardening, home composting and so much more. We then left that and the next 10 years open to whatever people wanted to celebrate today and in to the future.

Check out some of the photos below, and tweet out what YOU want Vancouver to be celebrating 10 years from now!

Thanks to guest (and new 505 tenant) Nick Routley of Popcorn for this Q&A photo!

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Andrea Reimer, and Patti Bacchus hold a Q&A at 505 Hamilton.

Councillor Andrea Reimer gave a passionate talk as well, showing that a strong city government needs a strong team.

Vision Vancouver Creative Evening at 505 Hamilton full mural

The full mural — this is the smallest we could get it for this blog– the photo is around 24,000 pixels wide! Click through for a version that’s 5090 px across.

Point Blank Creative Director of Animation Sam Bond stands next to his mural celebrating the last 10 years of Vancouver

No but seriously, it was big. Here’s Sam standing in front of two different sections– just couldn’t get it all in shot!

Detail of Sam Bond's mural of Vancouver

Detail of Sam’s mural shows something for everyone, with food carts, tech startups, and artist live-work spaces populating the city.

Detail of attendee suggestions

A large section was left blank so attendees could add their own suggestions for the next ten years!

505 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC

And of course, our celebration wouldn’t be complete without an illustration of 505 Hamilton itself.