The Maccabees – Pelican

*Post by John

Director: David Wilson

Producer: Tamsin Glasson
Music by The Maccabees

Full credits here

Thanks to some lateral thinking, this video is awesome. This is a project that could have been done entirely in CG, but instead 90% of it is real. I’ve worked on some comparable CG projects and doing this in CG would have been incredibly time consuming and therefore more expensive. And in my mind not as good.

There are a lot of times when it is not always the best path to use CG. I think this video proves that point perfectly. It takes a flexible group of people to transition between the two and try out new and innovative ideas. This doesn’t always mean new and expensive ideas. Sometimes it takes bunch of different people from different studios to pull together a tight project. They used the resources that they had to do something really interesting.

Ultimately I think that there is just a certain cool factor in seeing cross sections of everyday items. Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to see one of those matrushkas (Ukrainian nesting dolls) cut in half?

Click below to see the making of for a more in depth look at their unique production process.