Two Videos, 24 Hours, One Amazing Convention

Hello everyone! My name is Monika and I am the newest addition to the Point Blank Creative Family. I am an intern/assistant here, specializing in coffee and lunch runs. Just kidding! I’ve gotten my fair share of responsibilities, and so far I am loving every day I get to come to this office.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Unifor – Canada’s largest private sector union – to produce daily recap videos for their annual Canadian Council conference. The challenge was to deliver two videos in a 24 hour period. This would typically require closer to a three week turn around and all of this had to be done without compromising quality. Stepping into the weekend, I started to realize the challenge we would be tackling, and it made it all the more exciting.

Jerry Dias speaking to the crowd at the Unifor convention.


The crew required for this type of delivery needed to be tight and without error. This started from the top down with Graeme Campbell as our Director. He worked to carefully tease out the stories that were unfolding throughout the day with his close knit team of a camera op and sound op and script assistant. As the footage came out of the camera, it was immediately delivered to our talented editor working in a makeshift editing suite, out of the way of the busy convention goers. He worked with an assistant who processed the footage and made it digestible for editing.

Sorting through all of that footage was a daunting and complicated task, so it had to be delivered with detailed notes from the camera team. That is where I came in. I worked side by side with the director to create script notes that were interpreted by the assistant editor so he would know exactly where the best clips were. We would film a speech, run the footage back to the room, rinse, repeat throughout the day until the final speech was complete.

This was the point that the production crew had to sit back and let the editors do their magic. Leaving that evening, I knew that sleep would not be an option for the ones left on site. I came in the next day to find that the final output happened at about 2am.

As the main room started filling up that Sunday morning, you could feel the buzz of the crowd, and then it started playing.

Seeing your work displayed on such huge screens to an audience of 1500 people was a great feeling of accomplishment.  That feeling lasted all of about 15 seconds, until we repeated our previous day with another hard deadline of the following morning.

As much as all the work itself was a great experience, what made the weekend even more exceptional were the people we got work with. From the inspiring Michèle Audette (Link to her speech), president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, to the legendary actor Danny Glover (Link to his speech), I think everyone on set was a little starstruck.

Danny Glover prepares for his appearance in our videos!

PS. Danny Glover is not too old for this shit, the guy is awesome. (Hopefully you’ve watched Lethal Weapon and get this joke)

Coming out of the weekend and seeing the accomplishments, I recognized the planning and tight communication between the keys and the client. Without the planning and framework for a project like this, it could have had the opposite outcome. Everything lined up as it needed to and everyone involved was happy to be a part of this wonderful moment. This was my take away from the producer. When talking about the planning that took place, he said “if people can’t enjoy in filmmaking and end up feeling overwhelmed with stress due to poor planning, than I haven’t done my job well.”

I’d like to end things by saying thank you to Unifor for giving us this opportunity. I speak for everyone when I say that we had a fantastic time working with you and your communications team. We very much look forward to working with Unifor in the future!

Check out the videos!