Why Music Matters

*Post by John Oman

Studio: Oh Yeah Wow
Why Music Matters
Eskimo Joe
Director: Darcy Prendergast

Darcy Prendergast is an off beat guy by many metrics, none of which matter. Darcy is an Melbourne based animator who was first known for winning the twenty thousand dollar Nestle Big Break Contest. It seems like a lot of money but Prendergast took it and rolled it back into the equipment he would need to create his successful 2007 Annecy bid Ron the Zookeeper.

Prendergast has his own brand of humour, and I am constantly finding myself surprised and delighted by the little twists and details he crafts into his work. The hallmark of a good joke is logically generated surprise and Prendergast is a master of setting up situations that can only result in surprise.

Eskimo Joe – Why Music Matters tells a complex story in a way that is both endearing and succinct. Without knowing the story of the band the format keeps us guessing and we find ourselves anxiously looking forward to the next scene, the next little story or anecdote to surprise and entertain us.