YouTube against youth knife crime

*Post by Jordan

In the social media world where user interaction is king, the London Metropolitan Police launched a pretty cool YouTube campaign in 2010. The Drop The Weapons PSA included this choose-your-own-adventure style video that puts the viewer in the shoes of a London youth — one that might just grab a kitchen knife for a day out with his mates. It’s actually pretty fun to play through the various possibilities. And pretty dramatic when you make the wrong choices. (I’ll give you a hint; Stabbings occur! Mothers weep! Young lives are wasted!)

The message is clear, provocative and successfully reaches the target demographic. Interactive is especially conducive for public service announcement type campaigns because communities often have a lot to say about public issues and jump at the chance to speak up. Not to mention the precious budget money non-profits can save by avoiding expensive media buying. Interactive is a great way to bring bright ideas to life on a limited budget. Just like the advertising gurus have said so eloquently — a smart dime beats a dumb dollar.