Point Blank brings together strategists, communicators, filmmakers, developers, designers, animators, Simpsons encyclopedias, hockey fans, and trekkies alike. We’re fun, because we care.
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  • Photo of Nathan Lusignan
  • Nathan Lusignan

    Managing Partner

    Espresso purist.
    Frenetic and progressive.

  • Michael Roy

    Senior Director of Campaigns and Partner

    Into cooking, travel, photography, drone piloting, motorcycles. Not into emails with no action, two spaces after a period, looong videos.

  • Photo of Ash Arden
  • Ash Arden

    Senior Director of Organizing

    Comms strategist / Ganz organizer aka Change Maven, Mother of Dragons, Dimples of Steel. #decisionscience #Theraveda #eastvanforlife

  • Scooter Corkle

    Creative Director

    Copper tinged dreamer.
    Whistle stop notions through a lens.
    Not Giamatti.

  • Photo of Mallory Daley
  • Mallory Daley

    Digital Director

    Feminist. Baseballer. Sending emails too good to delete. Past: Helped mobilize most ever donors w/ @NDP. #SquadGoals: More women in digital.‬

  • Photo of Izzy Pouliot
  • Izzy Pouliot

    Director of Design
    (on leave)

    Forthright eclectic.
    With designs on making change.
    The Meatball cometh.

  • Photo of Allan Burns
  • Allan Burns

    Resource Manager, Production

    High-five hero. Obstinate Leafs fan. Burrito boy. Production process pioneer. Delivering videos to the upper deck all day long. #batflip

  • Photo of Sam Bond
  • Sam Bond

    Animation Director

    Born of a mathematical eccentric + zen art historian. Curves + cartoons combined with pragmatic levity. Entertain, educate + effect change.

  • Photo of Graeme Campbelle
  • Graeme Campbell

    Head Writer

    Gifted writer/director. Prescient futurist. Singular intellect. Wit and insight rivaled only by his modest objectivity as an autobiographer.

  • Photo of Alvin Singh
  • Alvin Singh

    Brand & Story Manager

    Alvin spends most of his time thinking about branding and marketing, making cities better, #cancon and fast cars. And work, definitely work.

  • Photo of Sarah Sims
  • Sarah Sims

    Digital Strategist

    Sarah loves politics, writing and people (not necessarily in that order). You can often find her in the front row at a concert or riding around Ottawa on her trusty red bike.

  • Photo of Megan Davis
  • Megan Davis


    Animal loving, hummus eating, beer drinking, designer and illustrator.
    🐘 🍺 ✏

  • Photo of Holly Cheng
  • Holly Cheng


    Holly believes in the power of delicious food. If she isn’t coding or tending to her pet hedgehog and cat, she’s probably searching for that rare Gummi Venus de Milo.

  • Photo of Elie Khalil
  • Elie Khalil


    A Lebanese expat in Vancouver, Elie animates and spends his free time swinging blunt swords while waiting for his lost letter to Hogwarts.

  • Photo of Mengyao
  • Mengyao Liang

    Production Assistant

    Foodie (Mengyao is willing to fly anywhere for good food), animal lover, Tibet-enthusiast and B&W film photographer. She is all over the place!

  • Photo of Brant Cheetham
  • Brant Cheetham


    Arrives like the wind,
    A fiscal inscrutable.
    His hair game, on point.

  • Ashley Fehr

    Client Partner

    Feminist. Politico. Lover. Fighter.‬ Well-caffeinated people person. Believer in food for social change.‬ ‪Aspires to be The Slayer. ‬ ‪Prefers hot wings. ‬


    Design Director

    Design evangelist. Music lover. Dry, but still a nice guy. Long diatribes in support of brevity.‬