Oxfam Canada

#AskHer: What She Knows Matters

Video & Animation
Highlighting women’s voices in humanitarian crises across the globe.

Women displaced by political conflict are frequently denied direct access to resources and shut out of decision making. Oxfam wanted to highlight how women can contribute to humanitarian efforts like the Rohingya crisis.

#AskHer leveraged the current #MeToo context, as well as Trudeau’s focus on feminism, to broaden the base of support in Canada for gender-in-emergencies funding, for feminist humanitarian policies, and for Oxfam Canada’s work.

With over 1 million total ad impressions, #AskHer reached 380,000 new Oxfam supporters and made a compelling case that putting resources and decision-making power in the hands of displaced women improves humanitarian outcomes.


380,000 new supporters
1 million impressions
75,000 complete ThruPlays