BC Federation of Labour

Future for All Campaign

Full-Service Campaigns
This campaign successfully mobilized voters to choose a government with a COVID-19 recovery plan for all workers in the 2020 BC Provincial Election.

BCFED needed to ensure that voters chose a worker-friendly government in the 2020 BC Provincial Election—to help recover from COVID-19.

We framed  the election as a choice between moving forward or going back to deep, reckless cuts. We combined  powerful persuasive content , organic mobilization content and targeted GOTV content, with a new lead digital ad acquisition strategy and robust digital organizing program.

Ultimately, this campaign succeeded in mobilizing voters to elect a government that is focused on a worker-centred recovery from COVID-19.


over 3,650,000 digital ad impressions
428,764 target voters reacher
86,732 people reached
8.5 ad impressions per user, on average, across everyone reached
over 5,000 people taking action on the Future for All organizing hub
600 engagements on the Mobilization video