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STI Testing Awareness Campaign

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Get tested – it’s easier than you think.

Point Blank developed a five-year targeted community and digital outreach campaign with the overall goal of increasing rates of STI testing amongst youth.

The campaign targeted racialized newcomer youth in the Greater Toronto Area. This population was identified as having more barriers and less access to STI testing and support.

The key to success was truly understanding the barriers that the target audience faced. We clearly identified that beyond a lack of knowledge, these barriers were driven by cultural attitudes towards sex and STI testing.

We created impactful digital and social media content that helped address their concerns and connect them with STI testing and treatment providers across the GTA. We have since expanded the campaign to communities across Canada.


14 Million Impressions served
242,559 People reached on Instagram and Facebook
474,343 People reached on YouTube
586,596 People reached on Snapchat