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Talking to youth about STIs—but keeping it chill.

Action Canada needed to build a multi-year campaign to engage youth about the importance of STI testing—while also being hyper-targeted to specific communities such as racialized youth in Toronto, 2sLBGTQIA+ youth in Saskatoon, and gay/bi/men who have sex with men (gbMSM) in Calgary.

AC Canada custom emojis including a tongue, peach, eggplant, water drops, sparkle and taco.

After extensive research to identify the barriers for our audiences, we launched a campaign that presented STI testing in the most destigmatizing way possible. It began with a cheeky and fun visual identity that was robust enough to be repurposed for each target audience. Picking up on an existing audience behaviour, we used emojis to talk about sex—setting a sex positive tone.

Five distinct waves of content were created to reach each disparate audience—including young adults who simply wanted direct info; other groups who were more receptive to celebrity influencers; and even an audience who typically finds STI information cringeworthy and off-putting.


37% MINDS CHANGED 75% of racialized newcomer youth who saw the ads had a positive view of testing, compared to just 38% who didn't.
+14 MILLION Impressions served
+240K People reached on Instagram and Facebook
+470K People reached on YouTube
+585K People reached on Snapchat