United Nurses of Alberta

Nurses Now + Always

Full-Service Campaigns
See what an Alberta without nurses would really look like.

Ravaged by a pandemic, and under attack from the most regressive provincial government in Canada, Alberta’s nurses were at a breaking point. UNA needed to show Albertans the true cost of Jason Kenney’s cuts to health care.

“Nurses: Now + Always” became a rallying cry for everyone who values a strong public healthcare system. It left Albertans with unforgettable imagery of nurses literally vanishing from their workplaces, leaving vulnerable patients with no one to care for them, their medications strewn and shattered. This was supported with heart wrenching accounts of real nurses pushed to the brink.


+24k petition signers
+32k open letters sent
+300 phone calls to MLAs
+250 letters to editor
Pushed Kenny government to abandon pay cuts and rollbacks
Better collective agreement recognizing the hard work and sacrifices of nurses