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The Future Isn't Friendly

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The image of a back of a duck which says Telus workers across Canada helped produce $17 billion in revenue last year.
What’s happening behind the scenes of Telus?

Telus’ brand is all about making the future friendly. But despite making record profits, the company wanted to outsource jobs in order to lower expenses—definitely not making the future friendly for thousands of Canadian workers.

To get the attention of Telus executives, we parodied their ads and put the company on notice that their brand is on the line. It’s time they offer a fair deal to the Canadian workers who helped Telus’ CEO become the highest-paid Canadian executive in telecom.


Cease and desist The ads were so effective, USW was served a cease and desist by Telus, which was ultimately rejected.
+2 million impressions delivered to Telus executives, customers and members of USW members.