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The image of a back of a duck which says Telus workers across Canada helped produce $17 billion in revenue last year.
What would your customers think?

When the USW local union went up against telco giant Telus at the bargaining table it was David and Goliath all over again. But Telus has one weakness. Like all major brands they are obsessed with brand reputation. So we exploited that weakness with an ingenious targeting strategy. 

Instead of using up our modest budget trying to reach the Canadian public and drum up support, the campaign cut out the middleman and went straight to the Telus executives. 

This innovative approach to bargaining proved that a small budget can be mighty when you serve your ads to the right people.


Cease and desist The ads were so effective, USW was served a cease and desist by Telus, which was ultimately rejected.
+2 million impressions delivered to Telus executives, customers and members of USW members.