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Boosting membership and championing unions in Manitoba.

When the government called a recertification vote to try to pit Manitoba’s healthcare unions against each other, UFCW Local 832 wanted to raise its profile with current and prospective members without undermining the work of their fellow unions.

Our campaign spoke to workers more broadly—unionized and non-unionized alike. Rather than entrench divisions among unions, it aimed to serve a clear message that Manitobans are better off working together, and that their union is always there when they need it.

Our campaign reached well over half a million Manitobans over the course of six weeks—a true show of force against a hostile government and a major boost to the union’s profile. Nearly two thirds of those who saw the campaign had a positive view of unions by the end of it.

“Your union is standing behind you. Always.” succeeded in telling Manitobans that they are better off when they’re working together. Whether it’s fair treatment at work, a good paycheque, or much-needed benefits, they can count on their union to have their backs.


The UFCW Local 832 is Manitoba’s largest private-sector union, making sure members are paid well, treated fairly, and are safe at work. When the provincial government reorganized all healthcare workers in Manitoba and held a recertification vote in 2018, UFCW worked with Point Blank to tell the story of how workers are better off with a union—how everyday workers get ahead when they’re in it together.

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