Health Sciences Association of BC

Presumptive Coverage Campaign

Video & Animation
Extending presumptive coverage for frontline healthcare and community social service workers.

Presumptive coverage helps frontline workers struggling with trauma at work. Most of HSA’s members are excluded from accessing it, even though many deal with traumatic events daily. 

In the Presumptive Coverage Campaign, healthcare and community social service workers explain the impact of PTSD and mental distress on their lives and work, demonstrating trauma’s impact on workers, patients, and the healthcare system alike.

British Columbians sent over 2,500 emails in support of HSA members. While the government has yet to expand presumptive coverage, HSA found that Ministers and MLAs were increasingly favourable towards doing so after the campaign. 


1.5 million impressions
50,000+ complete video views
7,000 engagements
2,500 emails sent