Society of United Professionals

Rebranding The Society

Branding & Identity


Almost 20 years had passed since Ontario Hydro had split up, and the Society of Energy Professionals wanted an identity refresh that reflected their growth and charted a course for the next generation of union members. The Society enlisted Point Blank’s help to rebrand. Over 1,000 members and key stakeholders provided feedback on their experience with the union and their vision for its future. With this vision in mind, Point Blank created a new brand story, values, and visual identity,  recommending that the Society remove “energy” from its name and embrace the overall professional expertise of its broad membership – which now includes more than 8,000 engineers, scientists, supervisors, and lawyers. In 2018, the membership voted to adopt their new brand: Society of United Professionals.

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Full Scope

  • Brand Story & Values
  • Rebranding Strategy
  • Brand Identity & Logo
  • KI interviews & Membership Survey
  • Values & Priorities Workshop with Executive Board 
  • Swag design